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Skin Deep Selection

Our Skin Deep fruit and vegetables selection may not appear perfect on the outside, but most certainly are beautiful and delicious on the inside. From gourmet tomatoes, cucumbers, all the way to your russet potatoes, we have a wide range for you to pick from at any one time.

25% of Edible Fruit & Vegetables are Thrown Out

By our farmers due to visual imperfection or cosmetic damage every year in Australia.

Skin deep carrot

Reduce Food Waste

By increasing the demand for skin deep fruit and vegetables, farmers wont have to throw out perfectly good crops.

Save Up To 50% Off Your Purchase

Simply by selecting our Skin Deep selection.

Characteristics of 'Skin Deep' Fruit & Vegetables

Skin Deep means that while the produce itself eats well and is of good quality, it may be classified as 'skin deep' because of one of if not all of these reasons.

The shape might not be what you're used to seeing, the skin might not be the right colour all over, the size might not be standard and lastly there might just be an oversupply of the item so the price comes down at the market. Some people try to sell products that look and taste bad, label it as imperfect in order to sell it for something when in fact it shouldn't be sold at all!

The most important thing to note with our Skin Deep range is that even though the produce may not look the part on the outside, the overall eating quality is still very good.

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Skin Deep Characteristics
  • 1. Shape Irregular, twisted, bent, wonkey
  • 2. Skin Marks, blemishes, too light, too dark
  • 3. Size Too big or too small for chain store specifications
  • 4. Supply When the farmer has a bumper crop and there's not enough outlets


One of the best ways to appreciate your skin deep produce is to cook with an in season recipe.

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